About the Cooker


The Chippery Cooker model MSC02


  • Fully automated continuous kettle cooking production system capable for producing a wide variety of snack products including potato, root vegetables and expandable pellet snacks
  • Patented Slicer design that allows for a wide range of cuts and thickness
  • Durable 304/316 stainless steel constuction throughout
  • Built-in hood & Baffle filter unit encapsulates entire cooking area
  • PLC controlled (computerized) touch screen operated interface panel for ease of use
  • Easy clean system allows all components to be removed for daily cleaning
  • Automated boil out system
  • 1” drain valve for faster oil draining into holding tank
  • High / Low temperature shut off to ensure safety and consistent high quality
  • Fully contained Ansul R102 Pre Engineered Fire Suppression System


  1. A chute is fed with potatoes or and rests on a rotating slicing disk.
  2. The slices fall into a temperature controlled oil bath of 100% sunflower oil
  3. Two paddles rotate and move the slices through the oil, under a submerging conveyor belt that evenly cooks the slices
  4. A take out conveyor takes the slices from the oil, allowing excess oil to drip off, dry and cool and then fall into a large finished bowl

Entire process takes 2-3 minutes.

They are ready to be seasoned, bagged and purchased, hot and fresh!



paddles and submerger

take out


Special Features

  • Listed and Certified for use worldwide.


  • Safety ensured with Ansul equipped with manual pull and emergency stop button as well as alarms and sensors
  • Easy to Clean with programmed boil out for thorough clean
  • Ability to produce a wide variety of products with customizable settings
  • Optional tumbler for ease of seasoning that is mounted to cooker to save space.