From the Farm to Cooker to You. Choose Fresh, Not Factory!

Locally grown potatoes, sliced, cooked, seasoned and bagged on the spot! The Freshest Chips! Doesn't get any fresher than that!

Making Small Batch Potato Chips that are Crafted for You.

Cookers are compact factories that are made portable so that fresh chips can be produced almost anywhere, for your fresh snacking pleasure!

Snacking Fresh

Snacking fresh begins with compact Craft Chippery stores that make product fresh everyday! It's a sight to see!

Locally Grown

Our farm is located in Alliston, Ontario, where we produce the freshest and best quality chipping potato.

Farm Fresh

Triple washed, low sugar, high starch potatoes are what make a suitable chipping potato.

Made Fresh

Eat your snacks as fresh as they can be. Watch them be made fresh before you and served hot off the cooker. Sprinkled with our very own custom seasoning flavours that are ever changing and evolving.


Look who Loves Our Chips!

The best chips I have ever tasted!! Crisp and fresh. I love that they make and package them right in front of you!!

Lisa K

Long time in the works - congrats, great, fresh potato chips - who could resist ?

Chris G

Great fresh chips served up right in front of you. Two cookers cook chips on site and they are packaged for you to shop with or take home! The flavors are awesome too!

Lisa M