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bagsChips Craft Chippery stores focus on best sellers and change our menu according to popularity and customer satisfaction and therefore menus change accordingly. Some of the products that we offer are potato chips. We currently have 10 different flavours that are rotated and changed often.

Our seasoning flavours that we offer include:

Sea Salt,

Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt,

Salt and Malt (Vinegar),

Dillightful Dill,

Sour Cream and Onion,


White Cheddar,

Backyard BBQ,

Wild Fire.

We also run Sweet potato which can be seasoned with cinnamon brown sugar and BBQ or Wild Fire. Other root vegtables can be seasoned just as the potato chips. We run Nachos or Tortillas as well. These are seasoned with a dusted salt. We can bag up some tri-coloured nachos or you can order them with hot age cheddar cheese for cheese nachos or ordered loaded with hot aged cheddar cheese and fresh Pico de Gallo (tomatoes, onions and green onions with a cilantro lime vinegarette). We also offer our Potato chips served loaded or with cheddar cheese for cheesy chips that can be served with any seasoning of your choice. We also serve up Chocolate Chips. This is made with our Sea Salt chips (although you can choose any flavour or naked potato chips) for a salt and sweet combination that is better than most think. We are constantly thinking up new and endless possibilities to fry up in our cookers. Dips We are currently working on a lip of dips to purchase within our store to be served with our fresh chips for a match made in heaven! Sips We currently offer a range of specialty soda pops. Jarritos and Sel Pellegrino specifically