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Craft Chippery Stores Our Craft Chippery stores use our own proprietary cooking process that continuously kettle cook potato chips in quality sunflower oil. We cook, season and display the product so that customers can sample, choose and purchase their flavour.  The customer can either order an open bag called a “Quick Fix” where they can instantly snack on the product or a “Take Home” bag in which we seal. We show case our potato chips freshness, uniqueness and personalize it by fill the bags in front of the customer. We have always focused on healthy and quality products for our potato chips. The majority of our seasonings are all free of MSGs and we continuously drive and work with our supplier to ensure premium, healthy seasoning much as possible.  We use quality Sunflower oil in our cooking process so our chips are Trans-fat, low in saturated fats and cholesterol free. Many of our products are Gluten-Free as well. BurlapWoodeys We are very conscious of getting the best flavour and quality to our customer. We ensure that most of our chips are crispy, white and colour and free of any bad markings etc. We keep the skin on for the best potato flavour. We use Sea Salt instead of iodized salts. Our seasoning are specifically formulated for the Craft Chippery so you can’t find our seasoning at your local grocery store. Craft Chippery is all about the freshest of chips. That’s why we invented a compact cooking system that not only provide the freshest chips but also entertain and showcase the chip making process. Craft Chippery’s cooking process continuously kettle cook fresh potato to make potato chips. We use fresh from the farm triple washed chipping potatoes to make our potato chips.  Our proprietary system slices and cooks the potato to make potato chips in all about 2-3 minutes!!! Once the potato chips are cooked we season in our seasoning tumbler to ensure consistent flavour through out every batch.  They are then ready to be enjoyed. Doesn’t get any fresher than that! wide